Thursday, June 17, 2010


yg niyh cm best je nk wat...
come and do~
thnx to madi again coz tag me!

Are you happy right now?

yes i'm so happy now! =))

Why are you happy?

sebab cuti sekolah... hahahaha
what are things that will make you happy?

dapat buat apa yang disukai.. and make people smile~

Have you received the tag before?

yes, i am. thnx ye pd yg tag!

Name the colours you liked.
black, white, purple, green, pink, gray, blue.

Name the bloggers you want to TAG.
1. siti
2. ika
3. nazirah
4. myra
5. fikaryna
6. azim
7. fizie
8. syira mahmud
9. pengikut setia blog
10. sesiapa yang terbaca entry niyh

p/s ; hbs gak aq wat niyh... =))

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